Getting the Extra Mile out of Your Wedding Flowers

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Getting the Extra Mile out of Your Wedding Flowers

10 April 2015
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A common wedding frustration can be all of the work that is put into preparing for one day, only to have it all be over so quickly. Wedding flowers is one area that you can be sure to get extra mileage out of. Flowers don't necessarily need to be thrown out at the end of the night, and don't need to stop with bouquets and centerpieces. Here are four ways to get the most out of your wedding flowers.

1. Have Bridesmaids Bouquets Do Double Duty

If your bridesmaids will be walking down the aisle with bouquets, don't just have these be put aside after the ceremony is over. Bring bouquets to the reception to decorate the head table or side tables throughout the rest of night. Have vases set up ahead of time so that your wedding party can simply place their bouquets in water. Be sure to go over the plan with your bridesmaids, moms and flower girls so that they know to get their bouquets to the reception.

2. Give Away Centerpieces

There is no reason to have floral arrangements tossed at the end of the night. Be sure to let guests know that they are welcome to bring home centerpieces to enjoy after the night is over. Be sure to check in with your wedding florist ahead of time to be sure that vases are free to be given away to guests. If you want to be more choosy, give these to your wedding party as gifts or to parents to take home.

3. Use Potted Plants

A great way to bring sustainable flowers to your wedding is to decorate with potted plants that can live on past the wedding. Work with your florist to source these, or find a mix of floral arrangements and potted plants that will work well together. These can be given to guests or you can bring home to plant and have a reminder of your special day.

4. Have Your Wedding Favors Be Flowers

Instead of candy or other party favors for guests, source smaller floral options that can be wedding favors. Boutonnieres and corsages made up for all of your guests can be a cute way to have everyone match at your wedding. If you want your gift to live on, tiny tulips or other bulb starters can be planted in small pots with your wedding details printed on the side.

Extend the beauty of the flowers that are showcased at your wedding. Getting creative with your wedding florist will maximize your wedding's potential. Get the most out of your wedding flowers, and hopefully these can enjoyed even after your wedding day. For more information, visit