Strained Family Connections: Asking For Forgiveness Through Flowers

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Strained Family Connections: Asking For Forgiveness Through Flowers

16 July 2015
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If you and a family member, such as a sibling or parent, are no longer speaking because of past grievances, asking for forgiveness through flowers is a good idea. Flowers may express how you feel through their colors, scents, and sizes. A simple lavender rose or delicate bouquet of yellow carnations may tell your loved one how much you miss and love them without ever speaking a word. If you want to repair the damage in your strained family or reconnect with a lost loved one, have one of the flowers listed below delivered to them.

Peach Roses or Carnations

Losing a loved one's friendship or support over anger or animosity may create sorrow and pain in your life. If the person helped you get through many rough times, such as a devastating divorce or the loss of a child, send them peach roses or carnations.

Peach-colored flowers simply say thank you or show your gratitude to the person who's no longer in your life. It lets them know that you still remember and think about the good things they did for you all the time. 

A florist, like Rouvalis Flowers and Garden, may deliver your peach-colored flowers to your loved one's destination or address. You may also choose to add a small thank you note or card with your delivery. In addition, your peach roses or carnations may include care instructions that show your loved one how to maintain the flowers' beauty and health.

White Lotus Flowers

If a loved one betrayed your trust because of circumstances they couldn't control, and you didn't forgive them right away, ask for forgiveness now with white lotus flowers. These lovely flowers come in many different colors but white may say more to your loved one than the other colors available through your florist.

Lotus flowers are sacred in many cultures and countries. A number of religions consider the lotus flower a symbol of good luck and fortune. The lotus flower may bring you good fortune when you try to reconnect with your family member.

Although white flowers usually symbolize purity and innocence, they may also signify hope and forgiveness. Your estranged family member may accept your flower delivery and apology because they may understand why you couldn't forgive them in the past.

Your florist may help you find the right flowers, including bouquets and gift baskets. You may also choose a vase to match your flowers. If you want to repair the damage in your strained family connections, contact your florist today.