3 Tips For Choosing The Right Flowers For A Special Someone

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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Flowers For A Special Someone

25 March 2016
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Flowers make a great gift when you want to make someone smile, celebrate a special occasion, or you simply don't know what else someone might want. However, choosing the right flowers for the person and occasion can be a little difficult. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right flowers every time.

Consider their personality traits

Start by considering the recipient's personality traits. This can tell you a lot about their interests and what flowers they might like, along with the type of colour of flowers they probably go for. For example, someone that is outgoing might like something bold that gets a lot of attention, where you don't need to shy away from certain flowers. She would be someone who would enjoy big, bright red and orange poppies, or an orchid plant of bright colours. Someone who is more of a traditional, romantic personality might prefer traditional flowers like roses or lilies. A quirky personality often likes fun colours, such as blue or purple roses instead of the standard red or white ones.

What is their favorite color?

A simple way to choose the right flower is to begin by choosing the colour of flower you want to get. If the individual has never expressed to you their favorite colour, there are certain cues to look for. For example, they might have a lot of cool colours in their home décor, such as blue or green, which suggests these are some good colours to consider. Other people tend to wear their favorite colour most often, such as your mother seeming to go toward reds more often than other colours. You might have a girlfriend who wears a pair of pink stud earrings the majority of the time, suggesting pink might be her favourite colour.

Choose Flowers Based on the Occasion

Another easy way to make sure you are buying the right flowers is to think about the occasion they are being purchased for. If they are simply to tell someone you have been thinking about them, you have more freedom in the type you choose. However, some occasions call for only certain types of flowers. For example, if the flowers are for your significant other, you want to go with something more romantic, like roses, lilies, or tulips. If you have an ill family member, a bouquet of colourful flowers like assorted flowers or pretty daisies is appropriate. Funeral flower should be subtler. Flower bouquets are often best, but avoid bright and sunny flowers like sunflowers that exude happiness and celebration. Peonies and hydrangeas tend to be safe for most occasions.

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