Making Use Of Flowers For Corporate Events: 3 Types Of Flowers That Can Be Used To Brew Tea

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Making Use Of Flowers For Corporate Events: 3 Types Of Flowers That Can Be Used To Brew Tea

11 April 2016
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Decorating corporate offices with flowers can really help boost overall morale and mood – especially during early, morning hours according to a study performed by researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital; however, most cut flowers don't last very long. Instead of tossing wilted flowers in the trash, your office should make the most of these flowers by using them to brew tea. This article will look at 3 types of flowers that will not only beautify the office, but can also offer some type of health vale when brewed into tea.

Relax with Chrysanthemum Tea

The reds and yellows of chrysanthemum can really put some life into corporate offices. As they are about to wilt, office employees can pluck the flowers and leave them to dry for several days in either a sunny spot or in a food dehydrator. Once the flowers are dried, drop 3 to 6 of them in an 8-ounce cup of hot water, and let them steep for several minutes. Honey can be added to further sweeten the tea. Chrysanthemum tea has a nice floral undertone that is matched by a subtle hint of sweetness. It is absolutely delicious.

Chrysanthemum tea is as nutritious as it is healthy. These flowers are rich in B carotene, which is a compound that can be converted into vitamin A in the liver. It also contain an abundance of other vitamins that can help provide relief in sinusitis discomfort, can detoxify the liver, used to treat coronary artery disease and help rejuvenate the brain.

Treat Cuts and Upset Stomach with Chamomile

Chamomile is commonly used as an accessory in floral arrangements. The beautiful white flowers add a sense of elegance and grace to the bouquets and help enhance other floral components. Unlike chrysanthemum tea, your office staff can make chamomile tea with fresh flowers. 4 tablespoons of fresh flowers are needed for every 8-ounce cup of tea that is made. The chamomile flowers should be steeped for 5 minutes.

Chamomile tea has many health benefits to it. It can be used to treat wounds, soothe upset stomachs, promote sleep, improve one's skin condition and even help with diabetes. Chamomile flowers contain compounds known as flavonoids that are great for the body.

Enjoy Therapeutic Benefits of Rose Tea

Roses are not only gorgeous and romantic, but are also surprisingly healthy as well. They are usually the main focal point of many floral arrangements in corporate offices thanks to their elegance and beauty. Office staff can make rose tea before the roses wilt by steeping 2 cups of fresh rose petals in 3 cups of water.

Rose tea can keep the flu out of the offices, as it clears toxins from the body and also helps to fight infections. It can also be used a laxative or to relieve pain caused by uterine congestion during the menstrual cycle.


Using corporate flowers to brew tea is a great idea that will help improve overall office morale, mood and health. Instead of wasting these flowers, encourage your office staff to use them to brew tea in order to enjoy the health and nutritional benefits that these flowers can offer. Office employees may feel more alert and will take fewer sick days. By using the flowers to brew tea, the corporate office can also reduce expenses from purchasing loose leaf tea. For more information on flowers, talk to a professional like Roses Farm.