What Type Of Flowers Should You Get For A Friend That Is In The Hospital

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What Type Of Flowers Should You Get For A Friend That Is In The Hospital

15 April 2016
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If a friend of yours is in the hospital, you might want to send them flowers. If you're unsure about which type of flower to send, this article will help you out. Some flowers are appropriate for "get well soon" type occasions while others are not. 

The Color

One issue is the color of the flower. You should not choose dark reds or whites. These are appropriate for romantic occasions, or funerals, but not for a friendly "get well soon" flower. You should look for flowers that are yellow, orange or pink. These are bright, positive colors that suggest vibrancy and life.

Pollen and Fragrance

Because the flowers are going to be kept in a hospital room, it's important that they not expel too much pollen. Your friend might not be allergic to pollen, but other visitors, nurses, or doctors might be. The main offender here is the lily. They look beautiful, but they are not a great idea for an enclosed hospital room.

You should also avoid flowers with very strong fragrances. They might smell nice for a moment, but if the room gets a heavy scent for hours on end it can be annoying. So avoid lilacs, gardenia, and hyacinth.

What Flowers Should You Get?

Yellow Tulips

Tulips are beautiful and easy to care for. They can sit in a vase and look pretty and not need constant watering or care. Yellow is the best choice. It's reminiscent of the sun and brings warmth to the room. If you prefer a more color, then choose a spotted tulip that has yellow with orange highlights.  

Orange Marigold

Marigolds are a perfect hospital flower. They are often associated with sunrise because they open and close with regularity according to the sun. They even got a mention in Winters Tale as a flower that goes to bed and rises with the sun.

They would do well in a short, wide vase, as opposed to a long, slender vase like the ones tulips would require. They don't have the same height as tulips, but rather form a nice dense arrangement. 

Potted Pink Hydrangea

A potted plant is sometimes a nice gift because the person can bring it home with them from the hospital. Potted flowers will continue to live, unlike cut flowers. So, when you give a potted plant there is the suggestion that your friend will be around to take care for the plant, which is encouraging.

You should avoid blue hydrangeas and go for a bright pink color. Blues are too somber.

Also, it's important to know if the person has animals at home. If they have cats or dogs, a hydrangea might not be a great gift. The plant is toxic and the animals might eat it. Of course, they could plant the hydrangea outdoors. So if they live in a house with yard space, it still might be an appropriate choice. But potted hydrangea is not great for people who live in apartments with pets. For further assistance, contact a local florist.