Aloha And Amor -- How To Design A Hawaiian Wedding Anywhere

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Aloha And Amor -- How To Design A Hawaiian Wedding Anywhere

27 October 2016
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If you've dreamed of a tropical island wedding but can't afford to jet off to Waikiki for your nuptials, a Hawaii themed wedding is the next best thing. And it's not as difficult as you might think to bring the islands to your home. Here are 4 ways to design your own Hawaiian wedding anywhere.

Flowers. One of the biggest aspects of a Hawaiian-style wedding is the flowers that accessorize it. When visiting the flower shop or working with your florist, think tropical and lush -- things like red anthuriums, striking birds-of-paradise, or any variety of red ginger. Complement your wedding dress, the groom's suit, and the wedding party's attire with eye-catching leis (usually ti leaves or maile leis for the guys and individual orchid blooms or dendrobiums for the ladies) to give an instant Hawaiian feel. For centerpieces, you can opt for something as simple as a clear glass bowl of water with plumeria or orchid blossoms floating inside. Talk with your florist or visit websites like for more info and ideas.

Cake. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can choose a romantic, flower-covered wedding cake or a fun, kitschy cake. Want to evoke the classic fun of the 60s era Hawaii? Add a miniature surfer or hula girl on the top tier instead of a traditional bridal couple topper. Are you more of a traditionalist? A plain white or pastel cake draped with real orchid flowers styled like a lei can create an inexpensive but beautiful dessert.

Island Attire. Hawaii is known for its casual and laid-back lifestyle, so don't be afraid to embrace that in your wedding. The bride may want to choose a flowing, romantic gown or even a simple tea-length afternoon dress. Feel free to kick off your high heels and change into jazzed-up flip-flops for the reception. Many grooms in this environment enjoy ditching their stuffy attire for a collared shirt or even a fun, flowered shirt. Let your guests know that it's an island theme and invite them to get in on the fun with their own clothing choices.

Honor Your Loved Ones. Family and friends are an important part of the Hawaiian culture, and it's often a tradition to give special attention to your honored guests. Prepare a few special leis for family or friends you want to honor. If you want to make everyone feel like a part of your special day, consider purchasing a bunch of inexpensive shell leis for all your guests as a token to take home. It will make your wedding even more memorable for all.

There are many more ways to continue to build your dream Hawaiian wedding, so feel free to work with your vendors and friends to come up with even more wonderful ways to escape to the tropics for your big day.